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Scrap cars and coronavirus

Open but social distancing

The Scrappers are open for business as usual in our Bolton scrap yard – but with social distancing measures in place to keep everyone safe.

Scrap Mercedes cars in Bolton

There is one easy way to earn cash for scrap Mercedes cars and vans in Bolton, and that’s to speak with the experts at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488.

So if you’re like many motorists urgently requiring certain used car parts in Bolton, you can come to our yard. You can get that all important quality used gearbox or quality used engine, any quality used car part you need.

You could be a key worker requiring a replacement engine, say. 

That’s why we are proud of our fast turnout around vehicle parts service.You haven’t time to be waiting around, time is of the essence to you.

Say for example this is your dilemma, “I am in urgent need of a reconditioned engine supplied fitted near me”, then let The Scrappers assist.

We will keep you on the road with our quality used engines in Bolton and further afield. 

Our aim is to keep everyone on the road safely with cheap priced replacement car parts of great quality. 

We sell a wide range of second hand parts and second hand engines.


You have probably tried to discover the following on google or wherever and searched ‘need a new engine for car’. Maybe you’ve hunted for ‘how much is a new engine cost’. Perhaps you been seeking “how much is a new car engine” and then seen the price of brand spanking new one. Yikes! 

These are not times to be frivolous. Do yourself a favour and save money with the best used engines for sale with us at our Bolton scrap yard. 

We have dirt cheap engines, which are in belting condition. The Scrappers have cheap BMW engines, Toyota 1l engine, inline 5 engine for sale. They also have used semi truck engines for sale, used rebuilt engines for sale. 

Our team at The Scrappers are engine experts giving you the best used engines.

We pride ourselves on having the best used engine website in the UK and globally to be fair. 

If you are in a hurry come to the best car breakers Bolton way and say hi with a safe social distancing wave. 

Right now we are operating a limited-number-of-visitors policy to keep everybody safe. And thankfully our yard is big and outdoors so there is plenty of space to mind the two metre distancing gap. 

We are, after all, the friendliest scrap car company Bolton based but known far far beyond. Find out more about us here.


We also love to chat about scrap, motor cars, motorbikes and anything and everything to do with the scrap car business.If you’re thinking, I’m looking for a Hyundai breakers yard, or want to find scrap van prices or Ford scrap dealers, or you’re looking for scrap car engines for sale, come and see us or give us a call. 

You might want to know a general thing about the industry. For example, how many cars are scrapped each year in the UK.

Well, we can answer that for you right now – it’s around 1million vehicles every year. Staggering really when you think the UK population is around 66 million. Just goes to prove Brits are car crazy! 

No car lasts forever.

When your car reaches the end of its life, contact The Scrappers when you need to scrap you car.

To sell any car contact here

Call The Scrappers today (01204) 388488 or get in touch online