Scrap Caravan

Has your caravan, your little home away from home, become more of a chore away from home?

Has it sprung a leak through the use it has had throughout the years? Is it starting to rust? Can’t get rid of that damp smell?

Well, as sad as it would be seen to let it go wouldn’t be as sad as having to pay the high disposal costs involved in caravan destructions. Fortunately, The Scrappers will carry out the depollution and recycling process for just £50! We can also issue you with a fully documented and approved destruction certificate, to give you complete peace of mind.

The Scrappers specialise in scrapping all sorts of vehicles, due to caravans being predominatly fibreglass, which isnt a recyclable material, we do however try and extract all metals from it to make use of some of its components as part of a recycling programme.

To arrange collection of you caravan or book and appointment to bring it to us, please call us on:

01204 388 488