Scrap A Car Wythenshawe

Scrap A Car Wythenshawe for cash


“If you live in the BL4 postcode or have area code 01204 we are only a short distance away and can could collect your car within the hour. Your helping to keep businesses local to you in business. Thank you Scrap A Car Wythenshawe

Wythenshawe folk are sure on to a good thing when it comes to scrapping a car.

That’s because one of the North West’s friendliest and best paying salvage yards are on hand to take their old car away.

The Scrappers has been helping motorists who want to scrap a car in Wythenshawe get the best price and fastest service around.
Simply call them up for a no obligation free valuation or fill out the online form.

If you want the scrappin’ to happen they can send out one of their trusted team members to collect your vehicle and pay you at the same time.
Please ensure you have proof of ownership paperwork at the ready as this will be needed so you can get a certificate of destruction once your car has been scrapped.

Your car will be loaded up on their truck and taken back to the main depot in Bolton where it will be treated in accordance to strict scrapping regulations.

First all pollutants will be eliminated during the depollution process.Then your car will be dismantled into parts.
It would be a travesty to disregard parts of a car that still function well, so everything that is still in good working order is checked and cleaned before going on to help other vehicles.

The rest is crushed in the The Scrappers bailer that smashes down the remainder of your car into a neat and tidy bundle. This bundle of metal joy then goes off to a giant melting pot and eventually re-enters the industrial chain.

Considering the car is the most recycled item in the world, it’s no surprise that so much can be saved and reused.
Already many of the big name car companies are working with manufacturers to use more recycled parts in new models.

So who knows that classic bumper sticker, ‘My other car is a Porsche’ may one day read, ‘My car was a Porsche’.
Call 01204 388 488.

Scrap A Car Wythenshawe

Scrap A Car Wythenshawe

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