Scrap A Car Wigan


That’s how easy it is to make some hard fast dough when you scrap a car Wigan

Simply call us on 01204 388 488, We can be there within the hour! And pay you in cash, when we arrive. All you have to do is give us the log book, which will transfer ownership from you to us, and it’s a done deal. We will make sure that you are issued with a Certificate of Destruction by the DVLA, as we will always do the paperwork.

Scrap A Car Wigan Go For It!

When you scrap your car for cash, we will cart off your old heap and take it back to our salvage yard.As ‘green’ is our middle name we will save all the parts we can so that they can be used again in other vehicles.

“If you live in the WN postcode or have area code 01942 we are only a short distance away and can could collect your car within the hour. Your helping to keep businesses local to you in business. Thank you

The rest of your car will be crushed and recycled too.
Whatever the make, model, age or condition of your car, we can off free scrap collection, as we have many removal vehicles, for whatever you may have.We take buses, vans, trucks, caravans and motorbikes too. So you don’t have to just scrap a car Wigan, no matter what kind of auto mobile you wish to scrap, The Scrappers can handle it.

It’s not just end of life vehicles we scrap. We take accident damaged cars, flood damaged cars and end of life cars.The Scrappers pay on collection, scrap your car for cash. What could be better than getting rid of an old, rusty banger, or a smashed up, accident damaged vehicle for free? And getting paid for your trouble.

Scrap a car Wigan

Scrap a car Wigan

Fill in the form and get your scrap car Wigan collected today.

Cash For Your Scrap Car Wigan

Got a Wagon in Wigan that has to go?

Scrap it with The Scrappers, we’ll come out and give it a tow.

We’ll take it away for free.

Leaving you with wads of money!

Lights, Camera, Action! Filming The Scrappers