Scrap A Car Whitefield


The name may be Whitefield but it certainly feels a lot greener since locals have been scrapping the car the environmentally sound way.

Folk who’ve had to scrap a car in Whitefield have been conscious to reduce their carbon footprint during the process.
And how have they done this? By contacting The Scrappers of course!
We are a fully authorised car treatment facility (ATF) which means when your scrap your car with us, it will be disposed of properly, safely, greenly.
So when it’s time to part with your car, you can do your bit for a greener future.

The Scrappers also want to save you other greens, of the folding kind!
We pay good cash sums for scrap cars and we pay at the point of collection so you don’t have to wait around for your money.
And for those of you who get a bit emotional when waving farewell to your old banger, hear this:
Parts of your car will carry on living a fuller, longer life – in other vehicles! That’s the beauty of scrapping with us. You’re sending bits of your dead heap on to the next life.
Parts of you old car that are still in good working order will be welcomed in vehicles that need them.
The rest of your vehicle is then crushed, but gets a new lease of life as re-used scrap metal, helping to keep industries’ costs down and save the planet!

By the way, the car is the most recycled product in the world!

Scrapping your car with The Scrappers is a fast and easy way to earn cash, and you’ll be doing something environmentally special.
So come on good people of Whitefield – let’s go green!
Call 01204 388 488 today!

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