Scrap A Car Westhoughton

Scrap A Car Westhoughton


“If you live in the BL5 postcode or have area code 01204 we are only a short distance away and can could collect your car within the hour. Your helping to keep businesses local to you in business. Thank you

Need to scrap a car  Westhaughton you ought to have ditched donkeys ago?

Worried its past it sell by date? Fear not, it’s never too late with The Scrappers.
We take any car in any state and we couldn’t care less if it’s a right old wreck!

As leading car breakers we will pay you for any old car. Simply call us up for a no obligation quote and if you’re satisfied with our offer we will get our wheels in motion.
We’re only down the road in Bolton but we can appreciate its a trek if you’re car isn’t shifting. So we are more than happy to pick up the old banger free of charge.
To make the process as easy as anything make sure you have your documents ready including proof of ownership and consider it sorted.

You get paid a tidy sum which is yours to do whatever you want with.
The rest is then taken care of by us back at out depot. We make sure your car is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way. All pollutants are removed and then the breaking begins.

You might wonder, ‘why do we have to be a car breaker?’ Why can’t we just have it crushed and be done with?
The answer is simple, there will be parts of your car that still can be used believe it or not. It’s much greener for the environment to re-use them in other vehicles and also saves motorists money. So once we’ve recycled the bits that we can the rest goes off to our crusher and is squeezed into a neat bundle with the goes off to a melting plant.
As we are big car breakers we also have a gigantic supply of used car parts which is worth bearing in mind if you ever need replacements.

Second hand car parts often work just as well as new but don’t cost the earth.
Why not call in or phone us up and tell us what you need. We will find it for you and do you a great deal.
And we have second hand cars too, so let us know how we can help and we be more than pleased to.

Contact 0124 388 488.

Scrap A Car Westhoughton

Scrap A Car Westhoughton

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