Scrap A Car Waddington


NEED to earn some wads in Waddington? But not sure how…

Just call The Scrappers – wad ya waiting for Waddington?!
They deal with hundreds of end of life vehicles in Waddington and the North West every week, ensuring they are disposed of in the most environmentally safest manner possible.
Give them a call and get a free quote or fill out the quick quote form online. Chances are you’ll be pleased with their valuation.

You can either drop your vehicle off at their main plant in Waterloo Street, Bolton or have one of their men come out and collect for free.
Please ensure you have proof of ownership (V5C) and the whole process can be dealt with in a flash. You can be paid at the time of collection and safe in the knowledge that your old banger is being handled by an authorised treatment facility.
You’ll also get a certificate of destruction to prove you are no longer responsible for your old vehicle. Keep this safe.

Back at their yard your car will be crushed and scrapped in strict conformity with government legislation.
Re-usable parts will be thoroughly checked, cleaned and sorted. The rest is then crushed into a lump of metal that re-enters the industrial chain.

As The Scrappers is a leading breakers yard, they have thousands of quality used car parts.
So if you’re in need of cheap replacement parts give them a call and they’ll be happy to assist.
You can also check online via this website, but please be aware not every make and model part is listed on their database.

So if you need to scrap a car, or want used parts contact The Scrappers for help and take the savage out of salvage!
Contact 01204 388 488.
FANCY waving wads of cash around when you scrap a car in Waddington?
Well Wadd you waiting for?!

The Scrappers have been helping the good folk of Waddington and beyond with their worn-out wrecks.
Serving the region, the North West and the rest of the UK, they have been safely dealing with end of life cars for 25 years.
If your motor has had it and it’s time to part ways then let The Scrappers step in.

The process of scrapping a car is far simpler than you think.
Give them a bell and tell them a bit about your worn out chariot, you’ll get a free no obligations quote.
Whether it’s old and grotty, flood damaged or you’ve had a bash in it, they’ll buy your car in any sorry state.
Don’t worry if it doesn’t shift as they can do the shifting. They will load it onto one of their trucks and take it away for free.
Not only is collection free but you’ll get paid for your scrap car too, it’s wad cash was made for!
Your car gets taken back to their main plant in Bolton where it’s recycled for parts and then crushed for reusable metal.
That leaves you with money to spend on what you wish.
You might be considering another vehicle, if that’s the case talk to The Scrappers as they also have some brilliant second hand bargain cars.
And they’ll keep an eye out if you’re after something in particular, they’re good like that.
Or why not pop down and take a look for yourself, you never know what might catch you eye while you’re there.
Whatever is it, be it car, bus, van, truck or bike, it’ll be at a cracking price because they always are and that’s why they’re never in the forecourt for too long!

Call the The Scrappers main number today on 01204 388 488.

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