Scrap A Car Tottington


Good people of Tottington: have you ever totted up what you old vehicle could be worth?
Have you wanted to get rid of an old car but haven’t got round to it because it’s too much hassle?

Let The Scrappers help. We take the stress out of scrapping old motors.
If you want to scrap a car in Tottington tell us today and we will take care of your car.
Pick up is free, so if it’s a non-mover; not a problem- we’ll put it on our truck and whisk it away.

If it still moves but you don’t want the agro of driving it to our scrap yard, not a problem either – we’ll still whisk it away.
Oh and did we mention collection is absolutely free?!
And did we mention you also get paid for you old scrap car?!
It’s instant cash in your hand too; no waiting around, money up front – the best kind if dosh there is!

Selling a car for scrap couldn’t be easier with The Scrappers.
We like the process to run as smoothly as possible even if your old banger doesn’t.

Call us and tell us about your vehicle, we’ll then talk numbers and if you like our offer (and we think you will!) we will send one of our trusted scrap car collectors out to you as quickly as possible.
Usually our man can be with you within an hour of making that call, and you get paid instantly. It’s that quick and easy.

Make sure you have your proof of ownership documents to hand and hey presto off we go!
Your end of life vehicle gets dismantled in our breakers yard and we salvage the parts that can be used in other cars.
It’s one of the greenest processes there is.

So call today on 01204 388 488.

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