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Scrap Your Car Today!

If you are looking for the best price for your scrap car, you can get the most competitive quote from The Scrappers. Why don’t you call 01204 388488 and do a deal today. If you’re thinking, “I need to scrap my car today” you’ve hit the jackpot baby!

We can search through recycling centres within seconds to find the best prices in your area. We can scrap your car in a safe and legal manner, which is also environment friendly. We have received thousands of such scrap cars and operate fully licensed car recycling centers.

Collection Service

Our free scrap car collection service is available to all clients and this is done at a time and place that is suitable to you. Alternatively, you can also drive your scrap car to the recycling center options nearest to your location.

Our Responsibility to the Environment

When you scrap your car with The Scrappers, you have chosen a responsible recycling center that recycles your scrap car adhering to the most stringent environment standards. You can be assured that none of your scrap parts are going to end up in a landfill or pollute the atmosphere. We also ensure that all toxic elements are eliminated before scrapping the car.

DVLA Certificate

We will also send you the DVLA or official Certificate of Destruction after we have scrapped your car. We can send this either by post or by email. This is done in order to provide proof that the old car has been removed from the database. In the absence of this certification, you would still be made to pay road tax or you could be fined by the DVLA.

We leave no part of the UK uncovered, so trust us at The Scrappers to take care of your car scrapping needs, wherever you are located in the UK. All you need to tell us is your location and the car registration. You will receive an instant quote from us along with the options of the nearest scrap center from which you can make a choice.

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