Scrap A Car Swinton

It’s a win for Swinton when it comes to car scrapping.
With the best breakers yard just down the road, getting a first-rate price for an old car is right on your doorstep.

Don’t chance it with rogue scrap dealers who bang on your door offering to buy your old vehicle and remove it on the spot. How can you be certain they’ll take it to an authorised treatment facility (ATF)?  Parts of it could get dumped somewhere and potentially become hazardous waste.

Bring it down to The Scrappers at Waterloo Road, Bolton or let us come and fetch it at no cost to you.
We are an approved breakers yard which means we deal with all end-of-life vehicles professionally, safely and greenly.
If you want to scrap a car in Swinton ring us and a get a free valuation of your vehicle.
One of our drivers will merrily come out and collect it if you’re pleased with our quotation.

Because we do everything above board here, and we want you to be covered, we will require proof of car ownership. You can only get a legitimate Certificate of Destruction (CoD) from an ATF registered scrap dealer.
If you don’t have one, you could still be held accountable for traffic offences or vehicle tax when your vehicle’s scrapped. So make sure your paperwork is ready and then job’s a good ‘un!
The good news is you’ll also get paid at the time of collection, so there’s no lingering about.

Alternatively if you want to bring your car in to our yard you might want pore over our natty second hand vehicles just over from our recycling plant.
To say we get some belters in is an understatement! Volkswagons including Golfs, Citroen Xsaras, Renault Meganes and Peugeots including the 207, 308 and 208. And that’s just for starters!
As we are one of the largest salvage yards in the North West of England we also have a boundless supply of used car parts.

We can aid you in your search ; contact one of our parts specialists on our main number for help and for any other enquiry including car scrapping.
Call 01204 388 488.