Scrap A Car Skelmersdale


Scrapping a car in Skelmersdale? Does the prospect or who, where and how confuse you?

Don’t be put off by scores of scrap dealers to choose from, just pick the best – The Scrappers.

We’ve been at the forefront of the scrap car industry for over two decades. We love cars, we love recycling, and we love giving customers great deals on their old or damaged cars.
So if you want to scrap a car in Skelmersdale, or a bus or a truck or van, let us alleviate any fears or concerns.
It’s so straightforward, you’ll wonder why you ever put it off!

Phone us or use our online quote box for a vehicle valuation and if you’re happy we’ll come and take back your car.
Collection is complimentary, gratis, free! There is no cost to you.
Just have the correct paperwork ready, by that we mean proof of ownership and you can be paid during vehicle pick-up.

All this can be arranged within hours of your free valuation, leaving you with extra money in your pocket and the weight of that old beater off your mind.
And because The Scrappers are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) they will deal with your old car in accordance to strict government regulations; in an environmentally friendly way.

So scrapping with an authorised breakers yard, where certain car parts can be recycled, means you can actually reduce your carbon footprint.

As up to 80 per cent of a car is recyclable who knows what your one-time beloved chariot could become after it’s dismantled, crushed and melted down.

From re-usable parts to the crushed lump of metal that re-enters the industrial chain – you’re also doing your bit for the environment when you scrap with The Scrappers

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