Scrap A Car Sawley


DO you have a car in Sawley that would not be sorely missed if you were to do away with it?

Would you rather have a pocket full of money which you could put towards a better motor?
Scrap it with The Scrappers and wave goodbye to your rust bucket and say hello to buckets of cash!

We’d be more than delighted to relieve you of any stress caused by an old clapped out car.
We even take the strain out of bringing vehicles to us because we do car pick-ups for free.
It’s easy as peas to scrap a car in Sawley; phone our main depot and tell us what you have.
If you like what we’re offering, we’ll send out one of our collection guys. Payment takes place on the same day as pick-up – there is no hanging about in this business.
Please ensure you have your proof of ownership documents that’s all we ask and before you know it that old heap will be off your mind.

That should free up some happy head space to help you decided what to spend your dosh on.

If it is to put towards another car, may we steer you in the right direction and point out our rather good used car dealership.
We get some great motors in –  it’s a bit of sale of the century on our lot – but they go fast because they are at such good prices.

If you call us and give us an idea of what you fancy your next motor to be, and the kind of budget you have, we will do all we can to help.
We also offer part exchanges, so we’re ready to talk when you are.

Call our HQ on 01204 388 488.

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