Scrap A Car Salford

Scrap My Car Salford Same Day Collection

It’s all gone a bit media darling in Salford since the arrival of Media City.
It seems every other person fancies a career in TV, radio or print.
When it comes to wanting to scrap my car Salford we think The Scrappers should make headline news.
Why? Because we offer the scrap a car Salford cash pay-outs for end of life vehicles!
Our scrap a car Salford top all of our rivals and there is free scrap car collection too.
And if that’s not enough of juicy story, we’re usually able to send out one of our pick up men in Salford to collect your old car within an hour!
You just need to have the right paperwork to hand and we’ll hand you the lovely green folding stuff.

Free Scrap Car Collection| Any Make or Model

We’ll then take your car to our breakers yard and recycle the parts that can carry on in other vehicles, while we crush and bail the rest.
So the lump of metal we’re left with, after we scrap a car Salford will be melted down and resurface as something else like a pair of spectacle frames, a medal, or the press machine your newspaper is printed on – now that’s a story!

Scrap A Car Salford

Scrap A Car Salford

Buy Used Parts

What’s also newsworthy is the great price we can sell our used car parts for.
So if you;re not quite ready to scrap my car Salford just yet, give it a makeover with a quality second hand car part or two.
From headlamps to alloy wheels, to seatbelts to bonnets, axles and everything in between, we stock the lot.
But don’t just take our word for it, pop in and take a look around or give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Take advantage of our free scrap car collection service and call us today on 01204 388 488 or drop us a line the new media savvy way; via our website!

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