Scrap A Car Sale


It’s the Sale of the century when you scrap a car in Sale with The Scrappers!

That’s because we pay better cash sums for end of life vehicles in comparison to our competitors.
If you want to scrap a car in Sale, why not call us today and get a fuss-free quote.

If you are happy with our valuation we’ll even come out and take your car to our scrap yard at no cost to you!
Plus we’ll pay you at the same point for your banger and leave you safe in the knowledge your car is being scrapped in accordance to strict guidelines that we religiously adhere to.
Make sure you have proof of ownership which we will require and then once your car has been well and truly crushed you’ll get a certificate of destruction.

As our main aim is to help reduce your carbon footprint, we will go all out to recycle as many parts as possible for use in other cars.
That’s why we are also a one-stop shop for second hand parts saving motorists money when they need replacements.
We ensure all parts that go on out shelves have been cleaned and checked so we know they are in tip top shape.
Plus our parts come with a one month guarantee and our engines come with a three month guarantee – you can’t say fairer than that.

But what about the rest of your vehicle once it’s been stripped for parts and depolluted?
Well that’s when our grabbing machines sinks its giant claw into your car and tosses it into our bailer who mashes it down into a small bundle.
That bundle gets loaded into a giant truck along with other bundles and is taken off to be melted.

In about six weeks your car will have been reincarnated into another useful metal object, perhaps even a car component again!

Nothing goes to waste in this game, that’s the beauty of scrap.

Call 01204 388 488.

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