Scrap A Car Rimington


Are you looking to buy used rims, alloy wheels or used wheels?
Are you treading water with your current car tyres and need to buy cheap quality used tyres?

Set the wheels in motion and contact The Scrappers for all you wheel and tyre needs here in Rimmington, the North West and the UK.
Metro want to keep you on track when it comes to tyres and their trims, you could say we put the Rim in Rimmington!

Avoid putting yourself or others in danger though by making sure your tyres are safe. The tread depth of a tyre must have a depth of at least 1.6mm along the centre three quarters of the width of the tyre and all the way around.
You are putting yourself at risk if you allow your tyres to wear down further because they will not be able to grip the road effectively.
This means you are more prone to skidding especially during wet weather which could lead to horrific consequences.

The Scrappers appreciate that replacing tyres can be costly if tyres are new. But you can save a great deal of money by buying quality used tyres, and do your bit for the environment too by buying second hand.

Obviously safety comes first, but you’ll probably want your wheels to look mint so why not hook your car up with a sexy set of alloys. We stock used alloy wheels at great prices,  we have nifty steel wheels too.

Why not come down and see all the trimmings for yourself as we have the best selection of used wheel trims around.

Give us a call and tell us what you need, our team will be more than happy to talk rims and trims with you.
One thing is for sure; we never tyre talking about wheels!

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