Scrap A Car Reddish


Ready to scrap a car in Reddish? With The Scrappers it’s Reddish, Steady, Go!

We’re all set to take that sorry old wreck off your hands as soon as you are.
All you need to do is call us and say, ‘I want to scrap a car in Reddish’, tell us about your motor and we’ll give you a free quotation.
There’s no obligation to choose us, but we’re pretty certain you’ll be chuffed with our valuation and if that’s the case we’re on our way!
We’ll come out to pick up your end of life vehicle at a time that suits you, unless you want to drop it off at our main depot in Waterloo Street, Bolton.
Have your proof of ownership ready as you’ll need this in order to get a certificate of destruction.
We take your old vehicle and you get paid, it’s that quick and easy.

Your car will be treated in accordance to stringent government regulations and disposed of in the greenest possible manner.
First all pollutants are removed, then it will be taken to pieces and all parts that are still in working order can be recycled in other cars.
The rest is crushed and eventually melted down to become some other useful metal object or possibly another car part.
Because we are one of the North West’s biggest and busiest car breakers yards we have an outstanding selection of used car parts.
We are like an Aladdin’s cave when it comes to automobile, many,
Why not search on our website for the part you need or give is ring and tell us what you’re after and we can hunt it down for you. Because we have so many parts not all are listed on our database, so speak to a team member and they’ll be able to help.

So for car scrapping or parts contact 01204 388 488.

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