Scrap A Car Rawtenstall


When it comes to number crunching, The Scrappers adds up. We do the best deal buying your scrap cars Rawtenstall.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; we won’t be beaten on price. We’ve done our maths and we know what vehicles are worth!

Unlike may scrap car companies we will never deduct from the price offered on your scrap cars on the phone. This is because as one of the leading scrappers in the UK, we will collect your car free of charge, we will never deduct any admin fees and as long as your car is in the condition that you say on the phone, we will pay you the very best prices.

And because we don’t want to short change our loyal customers, we pay top cash sums for end of life vehicles in Rawtenstall, Bolton, Bury, Blackburn, Preston, Manchester, Salford and beyond.

The Best Way to Scrap Cars Rawtenstall

Need to scrap a car Rawtenstall? That’s where we come in!
You could say we’ve got figures all figured out. As we can use your end of life vehicle in many ways, we will offer you the best cash prices.

In the first instance, we may be able to break your car for parts. The way that we see it, is that when you scrap a car Rawtenstall with us, regardless of its condition, there must be something in there that is still in good knick. These parts will be cleaned and reconditioned to the best standards, before being put on sale. All our used car parts are sold at a discount price, we’re car breakers, not bank breakers!

Or you scrap car could end up somewhere tropical! We work alongside exporters from Spain, Nigeria and Poland to send cars and their parts abroad, so they are readily available in international markets.

We Recycle Cars

Whatever happens, you can be sure that when you scrap a car Rawtenstall, it will be recycled in some way. If not used again, exported or broken for parts, the materials from within it can be recycled and used again. As an Authorised Treatment Facility, we have been approved by the environment agency to ensure that every single material within a car that can be used again will be. So we work with disposal companies and metal merchants to achieve this.

Why not give us a call today on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form to send a scrap a car Rawtenstall request to The Scrappers.

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