Scrap A Car Prestwich

Want to scrap a car in Prestwich? You’ll be impressed with the cash sums The Scrappers are offering!

With our main scrap yard just down the road in Bolton we can take you old car away in a hop skip and a jump.
There is no charge and we’ll even pay you for your old vehicle.

We have a lot of happy customer in Prestwich and Greater Manchester because we are decent payers who stump up the cash on car collection.

From the get go we’re transparent in relation to your scrap car’s worth so you know exactly how much you’ll make.

We’re usually able to collect your scrap or damaged car within an hour so there’s no waiting around.

Or simply give us a convenient time to collect and we’ll be there on the dot with cash at the ready.

You can call us on 01204 388 488 or go online and fill out our form.

Our website is also a great pathway to finding used car parts and fantastic prices.
There is no need to hunt through pages of car magazines, local papers or even Yellow Pages before spending a day ringing dealers.  All you have to do is type in the part you’re after and the rest is done for you!
Even if what you’re looking for isn’t currently in stock The Scrappers will search our enormous database and find it for you.  And we’ll notify you when it arrives, saving you more time.

We also ensure that all our second-hand car parts have been thoroughly checked and cleaned, plus you’ll also be doing your bit to shrink the earth’s carbon footprint.

It’s win-win with The Scrappers!