Scrap A Car Pleasington


With a name like Pleasington, we wouldn’t want to leave you feeling anything but pleased when you sell your car for scrap.
In fact nothing pleases us more than seeing a huge satisfied grin on our customers when we’ve handed over generous amounts of cash to buy their end of life vehicles.

Scrapping a car in Pleasington is easy peasy lemon Pleasy with The Scrappers.
We are one of the leading salvage yards in the area, also serving the North West and the rest of the nation.

Our team members are on hand nearby to collect your car without charge shortly after you make that call.
It’s cash up front on collection, all we need are your relevant papers and it’s a done deal!

We then take your old or damaged car to our yard where we will recycle whatever parts we can before the rest is crushed back into a bail of metal ready to re-enter the industrial cycle.
It’s another reason to be pleased with yourself; reducing your carbon footprint as well as making money off your old car.

As major contributors to the scrap metal recycling industry we also encourage motorists to use second hand replacement car parts whenever they can.
It’s a greener option to buying new, and also saves money. We have shelves stocked with hundreds of used car parts at highly competitive prices.
Doors, windows, engine components and parts, exhausts, cat converters, car seats, steering wheels, dash boards – we do them all and above and beyond!
If your vehicle needs a specific part, we are likely to already have it in our giant depot or we will certainly be able to locate it for you.
You can call us on 01204 388 488 or search on our website to let us know what you’re after.

We have thousands of quality used tyres too, so get in touch for all your needs. You’ll be pleased you did!

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