Scrap A Car North West


Metro salvage is on a mass scrap car collecting mission in the North West.
We are currently sweeping the area collecting old and damaged vehicles.
If you want to scrap a car in the North West we want to scrap it for you.

You see we’ve been collecting quite a pile of cars over the years as our before and after pictures demonstrate!
The bigger the heap gets the more metal is being recycled – something that is great for a greener earth and a more economical future.
And that’s why we want to add more. We’re going mad for our metal mountain!

Eventually the pile of cars you see here are crushed and bailed before they are carted off to be melted down and recycled.
Who knows what’s they’ll be turned into.. but you can be part of this exciting process by scrapping your car with us.
It doesn’t matter where in the North West you are, if you want to scrap your car do it with The Scrappers. Our team are scattered all over the region and they can come take your car in a matter of hours.
That means you can get shut of your old car quickly and get paid during collection, it’s a fast way to make some cash.

And as we come to you, you don’t have to budge – just dig out your car docs and that’s it!

Then you can see your motor being towed away before it makes the top of our pile.

If you would like to scrap a car in the North West and get the best price contact The Scrappers on 01204 388 488 and we’ll send one of our team out to you and pile you with pounds of the cash variety!