Scrap A Car Nantwich


Wondering which scrap yard around Nantwich you should send your old banger to?
Don’t send it anywhere; let The Scrappers take it for you!

We are a scrap yard company and help scores of people every week scrap a car in Nantwich and the surrounding areas.
Our process is quick and easy and earns you the best cash pay-out for a knackered old wreck.

Dial our main office number tell us about the vehicle you want to give the elbow to, and providing you are chuffed with our quote, we’ll come and sort it.
One of our lovely drivers will head out to your gaff equipped with the readies to pay you and the machinery required to ferry your old car off.
Don’t forget to have your proof of ownership paperwork ready!
And that’s all there is to it. It’s a short and sweet process that leaves you with a handful of cash.
Your car goes off to be recycled at our breakers yard so that nothing that can still be of use goes to waste.

At The Scrappers we’re also dedicated to saving our customers money and offer low prices on used car parts.
We’d rather see an engine that’s as a strong as an ox be put to good use in another vehicle; it makes economic and environmental sense!

Sticking to the matter of engines; we also buy them in second hand sans car if you like!
We always want to hear from anyone who has an engine to sell.
We’ll take Ford engines, Ferrari engines, Fiat Engines and any other engine!
Speak to us about engines or cars for scrap, or anything else automobile related.
We are open seven days a week and you can contact us at any time.

Give us a call on 01024 388 488 or drop us a line on th’web!

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