Scrap A Car Morecambe


Scrapping a car in Morecambe? Then you’d be wise scrapping with us!

We are The Scrappers and when folk want to scrap a car in Morecambe and get the best deal, they make the smart choice and pick us!

Not only have we a reputation for paying better than the competition, we’re also government approved car breakers so we handle everything by-the-book.
Our car dismantling process is green, safe and efficient. We can collect your end of life vehicle in Morecambe for you, saving you a journey. In addition, we can pay you at that exciting collection stage too.
Make sure your proof of ownership papers are in check and bingo you’ve sold your old car!

We head back to our main yard and give it a thorough once-over, stripping it of parts that are useful for other cars; crushing the rest in preparation for the melting pot!

As we are major car breakers we also sell a staggering amount of used car parts.
So if you need used car parts in Morecambe, we are the ones to call.
You can search our online database and we can even ship parts out to you so you don’t have to make the journey to see us.
If you can’t find the part you want, please don’t assume we haven’t got it. It’s usually quite the opposite as we are inundated with fantastic car parts and engines and they don’t always go straight on our database.
Pick up the telephone and speak to one of our parts specialists who will search our entire network for you and undoubtedly come up with a cracking result.

As all our parts are used, you won’t be paying extortionate prices either.
We proudly offer our parts at low prices, because as soon as they have sold Morecambe in!

Phone 01204 388 488

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