Scrap A Car Middleton


So it finally happened; your car clapped out in the middle of Middleton making your face turn as red as the traffic lights it died at.

It had been on its last wheels for weeks, you’d stop throwing money at it months ago promising yourself you’d deal with it, but never got round to it.
And now it’s croaked and you wish you’d have done weeks ago what you’re about to do now.

At the first sign your motor was a dead car crawling, you should have called The Scrappers, they’d have sorted it back then. And you’d have avoided the filthy stares from other motorists – oh the shame!
But at least you had the sense to have our number stored in your phone and call us in the end!

Fortunately for you, The Scrappers pick-up end of life vehicles for free. So your lifeless car can at least get better treatment back at our yard!
We’ll strip it down for parts that can be recycled and used again, before the rest is crushed and melted giving your old banger a purpose again!
Just make sure you’ve got your proof of ownership documents so that you can get a certificate of destruction.

We forgot to mention that you’ll get paid for your old car; yes for once it will earn you some cash back rather than you spending on it.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that with everything costly in life; get money back when you want to see the back of it!
And you can always put the dosh to good use by pooling it towards paying for another car.
At Metro we do some cracking deals on used cars, come and have look down our lot.

You could soon be driving off in something that’s traffic stopping, for all the right reason this time!

Call 01204 388 488.

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