Scrap A Car Marple


Have you got a car in Marple you’d rather give a miss?
Is it in such bad shape it’s almost a crime to drive?
Then clear your conscience and turn it in to The Scrappers.

The North West’s leading scrap car dealers and salvage yard will take an old beater, no matter how offensive, and pay you for it too.

Give us a call and shop that criminal car you’ve been harbouring all this time.

We’ll give you a free quote and if it sounds good we’ll send our team out to take your bad boy away.
Have proof of ownership documents at the ready and we be able to pay during collection too.
You’ll have extra money in your pocket and we’ll give your end of life vehicle the seeing to it deserves.
It’ll be stripped and searched for parts that are still good and can work on in other cars. All pollutants will be removed and the left over metal parts will be crushed and eventually go off to be recycled.
You’ll get a DVLA approved certificate of destruction proving your car was taken care of professionally and efficiently by an Authorised Treatment facility (ATF).

It doesn’t take a busy-body snoop to work out that if you want to scrap a car in Marple, The Scrappers are the best breakers to choose.
With over two decades in the salvage business we ensure that disposing of your car, van, bus or bike is done to government standards and everything that can possibly be recycled is.
The clue is in our name; The Scrappers!

So if you’re hunting for car parts at some stage and need inexpensive replacements why not get us on the case.
We’re more than happy to do our own detective work and hunt down the more elusive parts our customers need as well as regular used car parts too.

To scrap a car or for used car parts contact 01204 388 488

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