Scrap A Car Malpas


Did you know an anagram of Malpas is plasma; as in the clear stuff found in blood?

At The Scrappers we’d be surprised if you didn’t find pieces of car pumping through our veins as scrapping motors runs in our blood.
You’ve got to be passionate about an industry like ours, which is devoted to recycling and preserving the environment.

On first impression it’s unlikely anyone would relate scrapping a car in Malpas to helping reduce the town’s carbon footprint. How on God’s green earth could that make a difference?
It actually makes a huge difference when you scrap a car with an authorised vehicle scrap dealer like The Scrappers.
We have the government green-light go-ahead to dispose of your vehicle in accordance to exact guidelines.
So when you scrap your car in Malpas with us you can be assured your old vehicle won’t be dumped in the middle of nowhere polluting this beautiful region.
It will be taken back to our dismantling depot in Bolton where it will be recycled within an inch of its end-of-life!

First we take out all the potentially harmful fluids by depollution and then we dismantle your old highway has-been.
This is where the recycling part starts to kick-in. We take the parts that are still in good nick, test them and clean them before they go into cars that need ‘em.
The rest of your old rust bucket is crushed into a bundle which is then carted off to be melted and ultimately turned into something else.

It’s one of the greatest recycling operations there is in the world; reducing the need to excavate the earth!
But it’s not just helping to save our planet; the car scrap business can earn you a fair few bob too.
You’ll get a healthy cash pay-out at the point when we take your car away, plus collection is free!

Do something green today and call 01204 388 488

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