Scrap A Car Lytham St Annes


STUNNING seaside town Lytham St Annes sell a lot of buckets.
They scrap a lot of buckets too – of the rusty variety!
And as soon as they think need to scrap a car in St Annes, we are there.
The Scrappers have scrap car collectors in spades who collect vehicles free of charge and pay cash immediately.
No one wants to see rusty old bangers spoiling this picturesque place, so we remove then promptly.
We can take away your car in a matter of hours or when it suits you and you won’t have to worry about it becoming an eyesore.
We’ll take it back to our depot where we will deal with it ethically and greenly.

To you it’s an old banger, but to us it’s an opportunity to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.
Parts that still work are never tossed away, they are used in other motors.
So we can recycle anything from seats, to axles, to dashboards, bonnets and engines.
Finally when your old vehicle has been stripped of useful parts the shell is crushed and also recycled.

At first glance you might not think the scrap car industry is green. But in fact the car is the most recycled product in the whole world.
Scrapping your car with The Scrappers is the green way to go – we are authorised scrap metal dealers want to make the planet a greener place for future generations.

Give us a call today on 01204 388 488.

We also buy parts, not just whole cars. Contact us if you want to sell an engine, a catalytic converter or another part. We are always interested in hearing what our customers want to sell.

We buy scrap metal, ferrous and nonferrous, so give us a shout if you would like to part with scrap metal for cash too.

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