Scrap A Car Knowsley


CARS are the most recycled product on the market today.
And even manufacturers are working to include more and more recycled materials into the design of new cars making the automobile greener then it’s ever been before.
Ford, for example, is now including recycled metals and cardboard in the exterior and interior of their latest models.
So what goes around really does come back around.

Choosing to buy second-hand car parts instead of new is the greener way to go to.
The same can be said for having your old car collected in Knowsley and scrapped for cash – another environmentally sound move.
Besides, you’re not just doing great things for a greener world – you’re saving money too.
And that’s what drives The Scrappers and our scrap a car in Knowsley deal.
We are supporting a greener way by buying and only dealing in used car parts and recycling old cars and damaged vehicles.

And just because they are used parts doesn’t mean they are sub-standard.  All our car parts are intensively checked and cleaned.
Another way we can all do our bit is by buying online. That means you’re not burning expensive fuel in the search for a hard to find part. Just search via our website.

Or let us source it for you and save you time, agro and money.
We have helped thousands of customers in Knowsley and further afield to do their bit for a greener world. Let us help you.

It’s estimated there are a billion motorists on the planet so let’s do our bit towards making that figure as green as possible.
Get in touch via our website or call us on 01204 388 488 and let’s get the mean machine green.

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