Scrap A Car Irlam


So you want to scrap a car in Irlam.

If this is your first time it might feel slightly confusing.
Who on earth should you choose? What should you expect? What documents will you need?
How do you know it will be dealt with in the proper legal manner

Relax, you’ve already made the first crucial car-scrapping step; you’ve found The Scrappers!
We have been in the scrap industry for over 20 years operating as an established and government authorised vehicle breaking yard.
That means when you scrap a car with us it is dismantled and treated according to strict guidelines meaning it won’t harm the environment and will actually help to reduce your carbon footprint.
All pollutants are removed and then your car is broken into parts. The ones that no longer work can be crushed down whereas parts that are still in good working order can be recycled in other cars.
And as for the rest, if it’s metal, it can be crushed down.

Once your car has been dismantled and squashed you will be issued with a certificate of destruction. A DVLA certificate of destruction can only be released by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), like The Scrappers.
It is the only document the DVLA recognises as proof that a car has been destroyed by an ATF.

So if you’re ready to go ahead and  scrap your car call us for a free no obligation quote.
If you’re happy with our quotation we can either collect your car for free or you can bring it to our yard. We can also pay you on collection, and we are known for being the best car scrap payers in Irlam and beyond.

So don’t delay call today on 01204 388 488

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