Scrap A Car Hyde


Embarrassing car you want to hide? Then Hyde and seek the best scrap car dealers, The Scrappers.

If you’re motor has well and truly had it, causing you shame and costing you a packet to run, why not cut your losses and sell?
We will buy your car off you regardless of its condition. It doesn’t matter if it’s a non-starter we’ll still offer you a decent amount for it and collect it for free if you wish.

If you want to scrap a car in Hyde, call us up for a quote and if you like what we’re offering we will come take your car away.
Payment can also be sorted on collection and you can finally wave a fond farewell to that clapped out money pit.
We’ll take your old beater back to our main breaking and recycling plant in Bolton where it will get and good going over.
All the nasty pollutants will be drained and disposed of in accordance to government regulations.
Next we will put our salvage experts on the case who will retrieve all the parts that are still in good shape and can be used again in other cars.
Then the rest of metal will be crushed into a lump that will be carted off with other lumps to a melting depot and eventually recycled into something else.

The Scrappers love cars, no matter what state they are in because they will always be of use even at the end of life vehicle stage.
The car is the most recycled object in the world so even when it’s on its last legs it will still be useful in one form or other.

So don’t be ashamed if your motor is in a sorry state, do the right thing and sell it to The Scrappers who will ensure it’s given a new lease of life.

Call 01204 388 488.

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