Scrap A Car Hornby


When it comes to offering the best deals for scrap cars in Hornby, we’re not ones to blow our own trumpet; we’d rather blow our horn instead!

The Scrappers understands it’s not polite to brag, but when you’re the best breakers yard around is pretty hard not to!

In fact, we want to say it loud and proud; You want to scrap a car in Hornby? Go with the pros – The Scrappers.

The car scrap industry means the world to us, literally.
We handle all end-of-life vehicles in accordance with tight government regulations; everything is taken care of in the greenest way possible.
We don’t want to damage the planet any more than you do and that’s we are a fully approved car treatment facility (ATF).
In other words, when you scrap your motor with us we’ll make sure it’s dealt with in the most environmentally friendly manner.

We can handle car collection for you, a service that’s free of charge. One of our team members can also pay you at the same time your car’s getting lifted onto our truck.
We’ll need to see you relevant documents which are proof of ownership and identification.
And then we’ll be on our way with that heap you’ve finally got rid of!
It’s a really quick and simple process that makes you a healthy sum of money in a matter of hours.

We also supply the good people of Hornby with used car parts.
Our stockpile is huge! We’ve got engines, bonnets, steering wheels, hub caps, dashboards, even horns for the folk of Hornby! Yes we’ve got the horn!

All you’ve got to do is call in, call up on 01204 388 488, or do the searching online.
You can find parts via our website and also notify us if you have a car to scrap.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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