Scrap A Car Haslingden


Take the hassle out of scrapping a car in Haslingden.
Kick that rusty bucket to the kerb, greenly, quickly and most importantly profitably!

If you’re looking for a scrap dealership that does all of the above in accordance to government regulations – The Scrappers is the way to go!

We love scrap cars, we love the world too; that’s why we adhere to regulations when it comes to disposing of end of life vehicles.
We also love seeing the large grin on our customer’s faces when we hand them cash for their old car.

Collection is without charge, we don’t take a penny out of the pay-out fees you earn.
In the good words of legendary Bullseye host Jim Bowen: ‘Your money’s safe’.

We simply require your proof of ownership documents and that’s it; one old banger off your hands for good.
And as you get paid the same day during car collection, everything is wrapped up and you’ve got a pleasant handful of crispy notes.
You can of course put that money to good use and buy a decent second hand car from our second hand car dealership.
Come and pick up a real bargain at our car lot, we sell a range of car and vans – there is something to suit all motorist’s needs.

Why not ring us and tell us what type of car you’re after?
If it’s not on our lot at the time of your enquiry we can let you know as soon as we get that particular model.
The same applies with car parts; let us know what you want, we’ll see that you get it.

Phone us on 01204 388 488. Or you fancy a journey out to Bolton come and see us for a brew and a chat.
We might even have a choccy biccy waiting for you!

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