Scrap A Car Great Budworth


Need to scrap a car in Great Budworth?
Want to cash in and pocket a decent amount of dosh from selling your end of life vehicle?
Then great people of Great Budworth, get your moneys-worth and flog your old banger to The Scrappers.

We have a great reputation for paying the most generous cash sums for scrap cars.
That’s why our customers continue to recommend us as the car scrap dealers of the North West and beyond.
Being an authorised car breakers yard, we will handle the dismantling and crushing of your car in accordance to strict government guidelines.

After we have your car back in our main yard, we strip it down and all pollutants are removed before being safely disposed of. Parts that can be salvaged and reused are, before the rest is then crushed into a metal bail.
This heap of metal is taken away with other lumps to be melted down so eventually your old car will be turned into something shiny and brand new again, this is recycling as its finest!
And because we pay you on the day of removing your old car for FREE, you can then do what you wish with your extra dosh.

Many of our previous customers have put the money towards buying a new vehicle. And many of our customers have bought vehicles from our used car dealership which is yards away from our scrap yard.
We get some absolute belters through the gates at bargain prices too. Why not pop down and visit our lot and see for yourself.

Or just call us on 01204 388 488, tell us what you’ve got in mind and we’ll keep an eye out for you and be in touch when your desired vehicle comes in.

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