Scrap A Car Goosnargh


Goosed car in Goosnargh?

If you’re feeling a bit of a turkey behind the wheel, perhaps it’s time to hatch a new motoring plan and scrap your old car.
The Scrappers will be there when you want to scrap a car in Goosnargh.
Contact the team and they’ll give you an eggstimation, sorry estimation, of your car’s scrap value.
If you’re happy with their quote they’ll fly out to you and remove your old car for free.

But that’s not all, you’ll also be paid for your end of life vehicle.
They will take your car to their yard for recycling and saving parts that can be used again.

And if you want to use the money you make from your scrap car on a new chick magnet check out their used car lot.
Go and have a gander at all the great motors they get in at staggeringly low prices.
Then you can swan about in your fancy new car; if that doesn’t impress the birds – nowt will!

So don’t put up with a poultry, sorry paltry, excuse of a car. Let The Scrappers help you smooth out any motoring problems. No fussing, no flapping, just friendly car advice.
From used car parts, to used cars and getting you the best price for you scrap vehicle; they are top of the pecking order when it comes to money saving car solutions.

Get in touch by either phoning or via the website or pop down the yard for a bit of friendly banter.
One thing they do guarantee; you’ll not get hen-pecked at their yard (unless you bring the wife!) Just kidding!

Contact them on 01204 388 488 today and let them get you on your way to a better grade of motoring, the The Scrappers way.

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