Scrap A Car Forton


Residents of Forton, are you aware you could be saving a small fortune in vehicle upkeep costs?

From doing away with a motoring money pit, to spending less on replacement car parts; let The Scrappers help protect your dosh.

As one of the region’s major car breakers, we have two main purposes; one to save you money, two to help save the planet by recycling end of life vehicles.
So if you want to scrap a car in Forton, car scrapping is our forte!

Pick up the phone or fill out a wee bit of info on our website and you’ll get a figure on what your car is worth. And if you want your motor to have a scrappy ending we can come and collect it from you for free.
Payment is settled during collection and your old pap-mobile is taken back to our main yard for some tender loving recycling.
It’ll be stripped down and removed of all pollutants. Parts including panels, seats and rear axles will be saved if they’re in good nick.
The rest that’s metal will be crushed and melted down so it can re-enter the industrial chain.
Some parts may even go towards making a new car, as manufacturers are starting to build new vehicles with recycled metal.

When you scrap a car in Forton with an authorised salvage yard you are reducing your carbon footprint and making a big difference environmentally.

The same can be said for buying used car parts rather than new.
The Scrappers has thousands of used car components in stock and we’re constantly replenishing our shelves.
Let us save you money on second hand parts and in turn help you go a bit greener but not buying brand new.
Our parts come with a one month warranty, our engines come with three.

So if you haven’t thought-on, Forton, perhaps now’s the time to! Call us on 01204 388 488.

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