Scrap A Car Eccles


Got a wreck in Eccles that’s been costing you shekels?

Why not oust it for good and get a tidy cash return in the process?

The Scrappers is the team to call when you want to scrap a car in Eccles.
They’ve got a massive depollution and recycling plant just down the road in Bolton so taking the stress out of car scrapping is like shelling peas; green and simple!
If you’re considering getting shut for good then why not call them up and get a no obligations free quote?
It’s likely you’ll be well pleased with their offer and take them up on it!
Then you can either bring your car in for breaking or they can come fetch it for you, loading it onto one of their pick-up trucks.
Payment happens at this stage too, so that saves a wait! Make sure you have that all important proof of ownership paperwork to hand. You’ll need it so you can then be issued with a proof of destruction letter.
Off your old vehicle will go back to the main plant where it will be stripped of parts that can be re-used.
The rest of it crushed down into an iddy biddy bundle of metal love which one day, in the near future, will come back as something else useful – may be parts of another car!
So you’ve not only cashed in on your old trash heap, you’ve helped turn it into something else, reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

The Scrappers also sell exceptional quality used car parts, so if you need cheap replacement parts in Eccles give them a shout.

They’re only down the road and will be willing to help you with all your used car part needs.
You can also check online or give them a call and they’ll be happy to source parts for you.

Call 01204 388 488.

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