Scrap A Car Disley


Disley Rascal

We don’t just take cars for breaking at The Scrappers.
We buy in larger vehicles including trucks, vans, lorries and busses too.

So if you have a Bedford Rascal you want to scrap for example, or you’re looking for parts, we can sort you out.

We serve the whole of the North West when it comes to used vehicle parts and we also take any vehicles paying cash on collection.
So if you have a Rascal you want to scrap in Disley, or you need replacements, give us a call today.
It’s extremely simple to scrap a car in Disley. Just give us a call on 01204 388 488 and we will send one of our operatives out to you.
There is no car collection fee so having your end of life vehicle removed won’t cost you a penny.
You’ll actually make money because we’ll pay you the scrap worth of your motor, meaning you’ll be quids in!
It’s usually a same day jobby too meaning we’ll remove you motor and pay you on collection the day you contact us.
All we require is proof of ownership and that’s it.

You could use the money you make to put towards another vehicle, why not come and see our range of seconds hand cars at our dealership in Bolton? Or give us a ring and let us know the type of car you’re on the lookout for.

As we also specialise in used car parts we can save you money when you need a replacement.
Plus buying second hand is a much greener option. We’ve got a vast selection of used car parts ranging from engines, to panels, steering wheels to wind shields.

Why not search online on our website to find the part you’re after, or phone us and we’ll hunt it down for you.

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