Scrap A Car Denton


Got more than a dent on your car in Denton? Is it pretty knackered in fact?!

Get it to the yard then fella, the The Scrappers scrap yard of course.
If it’s had a battering over the years and is well and truly finished, then scrap a car in Denton with the top guns.

Authorised scrap dealers, running one of the biggest plants in the North West, The Scrappers will see that you get a significant pay-out for your old car.
Why not give them a call for a free valuation and if you like what you hear they will crack on with getting your car in their crusher!
Those mean lean grabbing machines can’t wait to sink their claws into old wrecks mashing them down into tidy little bails of metal.
But that won’t happen until every part that can be salvaged is salvaged. In the scrap world waste is a dirty word, so anything that can possibly be recycled and re-used is.
This diligent process helps reduce the need for more metal to be mined, therefore saving energy and in turn helping to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

But let’s step back slightly, we forgot to mention that if you’re chuffed with our quote you can bring your car down to our scrap yard in Bolton, or we can come and collect it from you.
There is no charge for collection and that’s also when we can pay you for you car.

Make sure you’ve got proof of ownership documents at the ready as these will be needed so that you can get your certificate of destruction.

And there you have it; extra money in your pocket, a car that’s been scrapped to government regulations and a slightly greener world for it.
Call 01204 388 488 for more information.

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