Scrap A Car Darwen


Scrap a Car In Darwen Today Instant Payment!

Great things come from Lancashire.
As the residents of Darwen will more than likely know; it was in their town that the Perspex for Spitfire planes was invented and produced.

It’s also home to the beautiful Darwen tower; on a clear day you can see for miles around and behold this beautiful part of the country.
Who knows, you might even see our grabber in action, crushing end of life vehicles before we bail them and have them taken away to be melted down and recycled.


Scrap a Van in Darwen All Models Taken!

So if you’re based in Darwen and you want to scrap a car, let The Scrappers take care of it for you.
We’re only down the road in Bolton and we cover Darwen and far beyond collecting scrap cars daily.

There’s no strain on your pocket as we don’t charge for collection, in fact we pay you for your old car.
We take all vehicles back to our depot where the car breaking process begins.

First your vehicle is stripped down and all pollutants removed and safely disposed of.
Then the parts that can be salvaged and recycled are salvaged.  The remainder is then crushed and the remaining lump of metal is taken away to be melted down.
What happens to the melted down metal is anyone’s guess; it could become part of an aircraft, though sadly not a Spitfire.
Why not contact us today and see how much your old car is worth.

We don’t just buy cars for scrap, we also buy cars that run too.
And we buy car parts. We are always looking out for engines; why not check out our engine wish list stating the makes we are currently after and offering great prices for.

We also buy catalytic converters so if you want to make some money fast,  now’s the time to cash in.

Lights, Camera, Action! Filming The Scrappers