Scrap A Car Croston


Want to scrap a car in Croston? But wondering what collection would cost?
Nowt! Not a thing! It’s totally free when you scrap with The Scrappers.

We deal with end of life vehicles all around this region so if you want to scrap a car in Croston go with the best.
Not only is the removal of your junk heap motor free, it’s when you get paid for it too.
Have your correct paperwork to hand, which is proof of ownership, and we can take it away.

The make and model of your car won’t deter us from buying it from you because we scrap any car.
You could have a Renault Clio, Seat Ibiza or a Mercedes E Class, any class it doesn’t matter!
All scrap cars get the same treatment back at our breakers yard.
We strip them down, removing parts that can be used in other cars and recycling the rest.

Meanwhile you can be putting the money you make from getting shut of your old car towards another runner.
Why not check out our used car dealership yards away from our scrap yard for some marvellous motoring money savers.
Or give us a call and give us a clue of the types of motor you’re after. We are always happy to keep lookout for you and let you know when that certain car comes in.

Perhaps you’re doing up an old car and you need top notch used car parts; we can certainly help you out there!
We got loads of pieces in our shelves, cleaned, checked and ready to go, but we also love sourcing those more elusive car parts too, just let us know what you need.

Call The Scrappers today on 01204 388 488.

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