Scrap A Car Clayton-Le-Moors


If you want to scrap a car in Clayton-Le-Moors did you know you don’t have to take it anywhere?

All you need to do is contact The Scrappers and they’ll come out and take it away for free.
You’ll also be paid cash upfront on the same day as collection so you can forget about your old banger in a heartbeat.

We cover Clayton-Le-Moors for scrap car collection and have pick-up drivers on-hand in the area.

If you are satisfied with our offer and wish to go ahead we’ll be there as soon as you wish with money at the ready.
Please ensure you have proof of car ownership with you when our operative arrives so everything can be taken care of there and then.

Our aim is to make scrapping your car for cash in Clayton-Le-Moors, simple, efficient and cash-for-you quick!

We also provide the good people of Clayton-Le-Moors with quality used car parts.
You might have a car that’s not ready for scrapping but could use a little help here and there.

We’re hard to beat when it comes to quality used car parts, and we sell them at fantastic low prices.
We’d rather see people on the road in affordable recycled vehicles, instead of paying through the nose for new parts and cars.

We are constantly breaking vehicles for useful components and stocking our shelves with beauts.
There are engines galore, exhaust systems, suspensions and body panels to mention a few.

We’ll say it until we’re blue in the face; let us know what part you need and we’ll have our team find it for you. You can search online via our website; but we are more than chuffed to search for you and save you some legwork.

Selling, buying or simply stopping by for a chit-chat, call us on 01204 388 488.

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