Scrap A Car Church


Praise be!  You can now scrap a car in Church.
There’s no almighty rigmarole either, it’s a simple way to make money and send your end of life car into the next.

The Scrappers are helping the good townsfolk of Church scrap their old vehicles greenly and safely.
As an authorised car scrapping company you’ll have utter peace of mind your car is being recycled and treated in an environmentally friendly manner.
And because we like going to Church so much, we’ll have one of our team members come out and collect it for free.
You can also be paid during car pick up, just make sure you have your proof of ownership documents at the ready.

We can then leave you in Church while we take your old wreck away.
It’ll be exorcised of all pollutants that could be harmful to nature before being dismantled for parts that are still in good working order.
Parts that no longer work – along with the rest of the unwanted car body – end up getting crushed into a lump of metal ready to be melted and turned into something new.
So very little of your car will go to waste, that’s the brilliance of the car breaking business.

That’s also why our shelves are bursting with beautiful used car parts, hoping to be resurrected in vehicles that need them.
And their prayers are usually answered quickly; there is always a smart motorist out there who wants to save money and buy a quality used car part instead of new.

You don’t have to leave Church to find a certain car part either, you can check online or if you can’t find it just call and we’ll hunt it down for you.

Whatever your needs phone The Scrappers on 01204 388 488.

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