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Chester – there’s something we need to get off our chest; we’ve got a treasure chest full of greens at the ready to buy your old cars!

If you want to scrap a car, then lovely people of Chester: now is the time!

We will take any make or model vehicle, from Lada to Lambourghini and everything in between! We even buy motorbikes, trucks, van and lorries.

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Our yard is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.  In the last few hours we’ve had all sorts pull up in our yard including: a 1999 FORD MONDEO ZETEC, a 2001 ROVER 25 ADVANTAGE, one 2001 MITSUBISHI COLT EQUIPPE, a 2000 FORD ESCORT 55, a 1997 FORD MONDEO GLX 16V and 2002 RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V

And that’s just for starters!  It’s not just automobiles either, we had a huge selection of engines from TRANSIT 2.0 NO BOX TO FORD TRANSIT 2.4 DIESEL AND  KIA CARENS 03 2.0CC DIESEL all reecently roll up in our yard.

The The Scrappers yard is a hive of activity at the moment.
You may wonder why so many people coming to us when there are other scrap yards?
The answer is simple: We are the best payers!

Metal is fetching a premium and we’d be out of order if we didn’t pay great rates when we buy a scrap car.

The Scrappers also sell cheap quality used car parts, making sure each part is cleaned and checked before it leaves our yard.

That’s why we have so many loyal customers, who come back to again and again for their motoring needs.

We don’t believe in burning bridges with any of our customers, we believe building new ones with all the metal we recycle!

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