Scrap A Car Chatburn


Good folk of Chatburn, let’s chat about things that burn holes in your pocket..
Old cars for example; they can cost an arm and leg to keep on the road and they never run for long.

So not why not trouser some dosh and keep it firmly there when you scrap a car in Chatburn with The Scrappers.

We are front runners in the car scrap industry, we have been dealing with end of life vehicles in Chatburn and beyond for 25 years.

As a leading scrap and breakers yard, we are government approved and therefore depollute, dismantle and destroy your car in an environmentally friendly fashion.
Actually we never really destroy your car, we break it for useful parts then crush the rest into a neat and tidy stack of metal that is carted off to be melted down and ultimately re-enter the metal chain.
Cars are the most recycled product in Chatburn, Great Manchester, the North West, the UK and the world!
Nothing that shouldn’t go to waste ever does in our yard!

That’s why we have a colossal collection of used car parts. Every time we break a car the parts that are still great shape are put to use in other cars or stored on shelves waiting for motorists that need them.

Our recent motors in for breaking have included a little VW Lupo, a nifty VW Polo, we’ve also had a Subaru Impreza taken to pieces and an MG Rover ZS.
But that’s not all, a VW Passat provided us with some mega mint parts and a Mazda 6 has some cracking components to put to good use.
There was also a Renault Megane  Scenic, a Ford Mondeo, Peugeot 307, Ford Focus  C Max, Vauxall Insigma and VW Passat Estate – phew! Have you got all that?!

There’s umpteen more too!
Bell us on 01204 388 488.

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