Scrap A Car Calder Vale


Calling all Calder Vale car owners; is your vehicle well and truly pass it?

Would you like to scrap the damn thing and put the money you make towards a better motor?
If you want to scarp a car in Calder Vale and buy a quality second hand car, The Scrappers can help you!

We are not only a government recognised breakers and salvage yard, we also sell some great deal used cars so why not let us be your one-stop motoring shop?!

All you need to do is phone us or go online and find out your vehicle’s worth.
If you like the price we are offering we’ll get the wheels in motion meaning you don’t have to.
One of our car collecting chaps will head out and take your vehicle for free. It’s also when you get paid to scrap your car so there’s no hanging about – immediate moolah, the best kind there is!

To ensure everything is done above board, please you have your proof of ownership paperwork handy and that’s all you need to do.
Your damaged or end-of-life vehicle is taken back to our scrap yard where we make sure parts that still work are recycled and put to good use in other cars.
The rest is all mashed up into a small ball of metal that goes off to be melted down before it is turned into something else.

While all this is happening why don’t you put your earnings towards a great deal second hand car?
Pop down to our dealership and see for yourself, or tell us what you’ve got in mind. It may not be in our lot straight away but we’ll let you know when it is.

You might fancy a Merc, a Jaguar, a Ford or a Toyota. We get all makes and models at great prices.
So if you’re thinking “where can I can scrap my car Calder Vale way?” Call us on 01204 388 488.

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