Scrap A Car Bootle


Got a car in Bootle, that won’t even pootle? then scrap it with The Scrappers

It won’t shift its ***e? forget all the farce, just ring us at The Scrappers

They pay on the day, your car’s taken away, that’s the beauty of The Scrappers.

You’ll get a good price, which is always nice, that’s why peeps choose The Scrappers

But please understand, owner docs in hand, are required by The Scrappers

They ensure clean destruction, no careless instruction, ‘cos they’re The Scrappers

Everything above board, no rules ignored, you know it’s The Scrappers

They also have hearts, and save good working parts, yes, that’s  The Scrappers

So no longer delay, why not scrap it today, and do it with The Scrappers

It’s cash up front, there’s no cunning stunt, it’s simple with The Scrappers

And you can use the cash, cut a dash, with fresh wheels from The Scrappers

They’ve a used car lot, with motors red hot, real gems at The Scrappers

Grab a bargain this hour, and just sample the power, in a car from The Scrappers

Perhaps you need a part, and just want to play smart, buying from The Scrappers

All used parts are tested, it’s cash well invested, when you deal with The Scrappers

So give the call, don’t delay y’all, and contact The Scrappers

The Scrappers : there’s no rhyme or reason not to give them a Bootle call!

Call 01204 388 488

Lights, Camera, Action! Filming The Scrappers