Scrap A Car Bolton-by-Bowland


If you want to scrap a car in Bolton-by-Bowland, you’ll be bowled over by our staggering cash for scrap car offers!

We are The Scrappers, one of the nation’s leading scrap car dealers, and we take pride in offering our customers cracking deals for their old vehicles.
We regularly ensure that the good people of this pretty region get paid top scrap rates for their end of life motors; as we do with all our clients all over the country!
So if you’re ready to dump you dodgy old beater then tell us all about it.

Just call us up and we’ll let you know how much wonga we’d be willing to chuck your way.
We reckon you’ll be over the moon with the moolah you can make from your old car and you’ll also be chuffed because we’ll take it off your hands for free.
It’ll be carted off to our main breakers yard and broken into parts. The pieces that are still in sound shape end up as used parts in other cars and the remains are crushed and melted down.

Up to 80 per cent of a car can be recycled making the automobile the most recycled product around.

On a worldwide scale over 400 million tonnes of metal is recycled each year and the car scrap industry plays a major role in reaching that figure.
Let us know if you’re ready to contribute towards that enormous statistic this year by getting in touch.

You can phone us on 01204 388 488 or pop a few small details into our online quote box.
We’ll be right back in touch and look forward to removing your old problem motor and giving you a good pay-out.

Scrappy days!

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