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Screen Savers

We seem to be a generation addicted to screens.
From TV to smart phones, tablets to laptops – our heads are buried in one screen or another throughout most of the day.

But at The Scrappers we’re more concerned about another screen – windscreens.
Also known as windshields, they were developed to protect motorists and passengers from dirt and flying debris.
In today’s world the windscreen is made from safety glass. But this wasn’t always the case; early windshields were made out of regular glass meaning they could cause devastating injuries. A string of lawsuits lead to stronger windshields being developed which were designed to shatter. But they were very sensitive meaning the smallest stone chip could break the window. In 1919 Henry Ford sorted out the problem by using laminated glass.

And now windscreens are designed to shatter into tiny pieces safely to avoid causing injury.
Which work incidentally as the author of this piece can vouch for first-hand having had their head go through a windscreen during a road traffic accident.

The Scrappers deal with replacement windscreens as we often salvage them from other vehicles.
Buying a second hand windscreen is a far cheaper option than buying new so why not see what we have in store or have a look online on our website.
As leading scrap car dealers in the North West, we also buy end of life vehicles. So if you want to scrap a car in Bollington contact us today.
We’ll quote you there and then and if you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll get one of our operatives out to you to collect your vehicle.

Proof of ownership paperwork is all we ask you have to hand and it’s a done deal.
Cash is paid during collection so you won’t be waiting around for your money.
Everything can be taken care of within a few hours if not within the hour!
Call us today on 01204 388 488.

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