Scrap A Car Blackpool


Scrap your in car Blackpool

Get cash paid the same day for scrapping your car in Blackpool, we offer a free collection and pay you cash there and then

You know how the rhyme goes: Scrap a car in Blackpool, watch The Scrappers give it a tow.

OK poets we might not be, but we are top payers when it comes to buying your old car.
We are currently buying any vehicle; new, old, end of life, damaged, big or small.

So if you want to scrap a Peugeot in Blackpool we’ll do the fetching, for free of course, paying you on arrival before we take you motor away.

We’ve got a number of operatives based here so once you’ve decided you want to get shut of your old car we’ll come straight out and take it off your hands.

Scrap My Car Blackpool Style

Usually we can collect within an hour, it’s that quick and easy and we like to keep stress at bay.
We also provide the good people of this town with second hand car parts, quality-checked and cleaned and very often as good as new.

Our used parts are a fraction of the price of newly bought parts and of course a much greener option, something we care passionately about at The Scrappers.

Speaking of the environment, when you do scrap your car in Blackpool with us we deal with it in accordance to government regulations. We take care of all pollutants safely so as not to harm wildlife.

After that, any parts that are in good working order can be put to good use in other cars. Nothing goes to waste.
Then the remaining metal is crushed and re-used, re-emerging in new forms.
The car scrap industry really does represent recycling at its best.
You get a handful of cash and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why not call us now and see how much your end of life vehicle is worth.
Contact us on 01204 388 488 or via our website.

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