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BLACKPOOL Tower, now there’s a hunk of metal!

Townsfolk will probably know that the structure has 2, 493 tons of steel and 93 tons of cast iron – it would take a few scrap cars to build a replica!

But you never know where – if you scrap a car Blackpool – that melted-down-metal might end up.
It’s not impossible that one day it could be used for repair work back in the tower! But it is more than likely going to be used in the automotive industry again. So what was your car today, could in the near future, become somebody else’s car.

That’s the genius part of the scrap car  industry, it keeps on giving and giving, it’s recycling at its best!


We Buy Any Scrap Car

The Scrappers are currently buying cars for scrap and paying cash in the Blackpool area. If you’re looking for a cash me quick deal, we are scrap yard to go to. Wherever you are in the Fylde coast area, you can be sure that one of our drivers can be there at a time and location of your choosing to ensure that you are well looked after. 

We buy cars all over the North West as well as the rest of the UK.  Our main yard is located in Bolton, but you needn’t worry as we can pick up your vehicle for free, saving you the journey.
Unless you fancy a day out at our yard, as lots of folks do.
We are always welcoming customers, new and old, who come down regularly to visit us and see what we’ve got in store.

If you scrap a car Blackpool, we will pay you cash on the collection of your car, and we will never deduct the cost of collection or any admin fees. The team, back at our scrap yard will make sure that you are issued with a Certificate of Destruction. Any car bought for cash Blackpool; that is our promise.

scrap a car Blackpool

Buy Used Car Parts or Scrap A Car Today. 

We not only scrap cars, we are also a breakers yard. It’s fair to say we have an awesome array of second hand car parts, all cleaned and checked before they are allowed out of our yard.
And if it’s not on our shelves we are usually able to hunt a part down for you. 

Like Blackpool we’re full of other attractions too; our second hand car dealership is full of great motors at cheap prices.
Why not come and have stroll around and see our sights?


Call or Click To Get In Touch

Alternatively you can look online or contact us and tell us what you need. Call 01204 388 488 to speak to one of the vehicle valuators or fill in the online form to scrap a car Blackpool

We may not be able to offer you a stick of rock, but we can offer rock solid deals on scrap cars, parts and second hand motors Scrap a car Blackpool today!