Scrap A Car Blacko


Good folk of Blacko get paid top whacko when you scrap-o your car!

The Scrappers might be rotten poets but they top the list of best payers for those wanting to scrap a car in Blacko.
Get your wallet fat again with a nice bunch of notes in exchange for your old stinker.
Or if it’s still running but has some issues keep that wallet bulky and buy quality second hand car parts from our salvage yard.
Sometimes we reckon our business should be listed under ‘beauty’, because we get some cracking models turning up at our yard.

These tasty pieces are dismantled to provide stunning parts of top notch quality and available to you at low prices.

For example we’ve recently had a VW Golf GT available for parts in our breakers yard in Bolton.
We’ve got a natty little Vauxhall Astra, ready, willing and breaking at our North West headquarters.
Or how about a Citroen Picasso, MPV fully loaded with cheap replacement components.
Why not spruce up your cute little Ford Fiesta run-around with some fancy replacements or give that Peugeot 406 Estate the lift it needs with some tweaks here and there.
If your Renault Megane could do with a boost, we’ve just taken stock of a silver N Reg getting good and busted by our breaking boys.
We also fragmented a Ford Focus C-Max, if you want parts from that come and ask for Max in our Bolton yard!
There’s a belting BMW 1 Series hatch getting pieced up right now, we love a good piece up at The Scrappers you know!

That’s just a handful of the makes and models we’ve recently had in. Who knows what we’ll get in an hour from now.
Give us a call on 01204 388 488 and let’s part-y!

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